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Cardiac troponin I test kit


Cardiac troponin I 

Test Kit 

Troponin, a molecule that is bound to the thin filament (actin) of striated muscle fibers, acts with intracellular calcium to control the interaction of the thin filament with the thick filament (myosin), thus regulating muscle contraction. Troponin consists of three subunits: T, which connects the troponin complex and tropomyosin (another cardiac muscle regulatory protein); I, which prevents muscle contraction in the absence of calcium; and C, which binds calcium. 

Cardiac troponin I (MW 22.5 kDa) and the two skeletal muscle isoforms of troponin I have considerable amino acid sequence homology, but cTnI contains an additional N-terminal sequence and is highly specific for myocardium. Clinical studies have demonstrated the release of cTnI into the blood stream within hours following acute myocardial infarctions (AMI) or ischemic damage. Elevated levels of cTnI are detectable in blood within 4 to 6 hours after the onset of chest pain, reach peak concentrations in approximately 8 to 28 hours, and remain elevated for 3 to 10 days following AMI. Due to the high myocardial specificity and the long duration of elevation, cTnI has become an important marker in the diagnosis and evaluation of patients suspected of having an AMI.

IMMUNO cTnI test Kit is a sandwich lateral flow immunochromatographic assay for the qualitative detection of  troponin I  in Whole Blood Specimen


Code Product Format Specimen LOD Packing Shelf Life
GA132HC cTnI   Cassette WB     1.0 ng/ml  10 test 24M


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